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1. How can I activate API access for PayPal account ?
2. How can I import PayPal account into the application ?

1. How can I activate API access for PayPal account?

1.1. You need to login PayPal and turn on the API access for your account.

API credentials menu item is only visible for “PREMIUM” or “BUSINESS” accounts. You can upgrade your “PERSONAL” account to “PREMIUM” one for FREE.

It is a very simple step to upgrade: On the PayPal ‘hello’ screen, right below the user’s name, it said “Account Type: Personal.”  Next to it is a ‘button’ that said “UPGRADE.”  Just click the ‘UPGRADE’ button, and it is self-explanatory from there on.  Simple, even for a non-techie. After upgrading, the “Account Type:” changes to “Account Type: Premium,” and “API Access” is now in the list under Profile > Account Information > API Access.

1.2. In the left navigation under “Account Information” you will find the menu item “API Access”.

1.3. This to create your own API credentials, NOT to Grant API permissions to a third party.

Select option 2 and click on “View API Credentials” in order to view and get your accounts credentials.

request credentials

1.4. Read “API License Agreement and Terms of Use” before you agree and submit a request for API credentials.

view credentials

1.5. Once you have your accounts credentials (API Username, API Password and Singature) you are ready to import them into the application.

Some times within the signature cannot be distinguished the characters lower case “L” and upper case “i”. If you see such characters you must try each combination possible in order to ensure a proper input.

possible throubles

2. How can I import PayPal account?

There are several approaches to import account into the application.

2.1. Using our short URL form:

  • Visit the URL as follows:
  • Enter your accounts credentials into the form and click the button to submit
  • Run Safari browser in your iPhone and type provided as result short URL.
  • Click on the link “ACCOUNT”.

2.2. Sending an email:

  • Use any free e-mail service.
  • Compose a new message.
  • Setup the recipients email address to a mail box that you can read from your iPhone.
  • Switch the editor to rich-text mode (you need to send the message in HTML format).
  • Type into the message body “ACCOUNT”.
  • Select “ACCOUNT” and click on the appropriate icon to setup a hyper-link.
  • Enter the following text as URL for the link:
  • Replace NAMEYOUWANT with actual name under which the account will appear on the iPhone screen.
  • Replace APIUSERNAM, APIPASSWORD and APISIGNATURE with the credentials generated by PayPal.
  • When you receive the email with your iPhone just click on the link “ACCOUNT”.

2.3. Using a bookmark:

  • Build the URL as described above.
  • Open Safari browser on your computer and create a bookmark having this URL
  • Synchronize the bookmarks with your iPhone
  • Open Safari browser in your iPhone and load the bookmark

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